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Art Pro Mpa Ii Microphone Preamplifier

The studio is dimly lit for a warm atmosphere to record with all the gear glowing. Then there’s this preamp with dark meters you can’t see. New the unit shines but soon it’s build quality shows. Now that they are over 400 dollars one would be better off just going with UA preamps or the like. I now use the cheaper art tube pre and the MPA ii is waiting for E-Bay. The difference between my stock preamps in my FireWire Interface and the ART Pro are like night and day.

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  • I tracked half of Sho Baraka’s Lions and Liars album with an Avant CV-12 going through this.
  • Although they were made in China , the sound is also great for this $ preamp .
  • Built on Mullard equipment, they are quality tubes with good tonal balance.

With the VLA’s there is less clipping and a plus a more concise and warmer sound. I especially noticeable are the drums from the Korg. They don’t become homogenized and maintain good delineation from all the different drum sounds . And as most reveiewers have said, for the money, they can’t be beat .

Art Pro Mpa Ii Two Channel Mic Preamp Tested W

This is my chain for rap vocals….I highly suggest you get this equiptment. The ART Pro MPA II can operate at either a low or high plate voltage on the two integrated hand-selected 12AX7 tubes for wider variation of preamp tone and performance. Large back-lit analog VU output meters display output levels while multi-colored LED arrays show tube gain.

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I am using tubes from JJ Electronics and they are amazing!!! As for outputs options, there is two versions of MPA – standard and digital. I decided for standard version, because after a lot of searching I found relevant opinions on bad quality of AD convertor in digital version. So I am connecting MPA to my much better converter through TRS connectors. Other features include Phase Invert and +48v switch, a 2 set of High-Z Instrument inputs, as well as your standard XLR inputs and outputs, and a set of balanced TRS outputs. Oh and a word of caution, there’s a tiny little button on the back to switch between Pro (+4 dBv) and Consumer level (-10 dBu).

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We are not teenagers in this studio and have 40 yrs. It is a real irritant to have lights keep going out on your gear. So in summary no I won’t be buying another of these units. They look sweet and retro but I’ll now have to replace the “improved led lights for the 3rd time. I’ve never been a believer in the preamp making everything sound like MAGIC. I emphasize tone more in the mixing process.

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2nd of all…This is for the thread starter. I put a tung sol in one channel and a jj electronics in the other. This preamp rivals with anything up to the $1000 price range and possibly beyond. Read the sound on sound article about it where they did a preamp shoot out against mic pres 5 times it’s cost….you’d be surprised by the results!!!!!! Bottom line ..This thing is an amazing gem in the market of budget mic pres…put a tung sol tube in there and omg!

Channel one in my particular unit worked sometimes, and others not. The few instances i did make through the technical difficulties, the sound quality i got from this unit was mediocre. I wouldn’t recommend this product to even the smallest project studio.

Art Pro Mpa Ii Microphone Preamplifier – Les saveurs de Mohanne