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Defining Art more help

My dad is 98 right now and we think he is passing. He has always been very cruel and abusuve to our entire family. My mother who should have protected us from this abuse fawns over him right now. He is just as mean as he always was. He abused and mentally tortured me for years of my life and I suffer tremendous anxiety and depression as an adult from this. People say to forgive and I can, I don’t suffer from those things because I am holding onto some grudge, I’ve been to enough therapy to understand why I have this.

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  • At the same time, I know that some artists are driven strictly by financial gain.
  • Even if that family has not always been there for us the way we would expect.
  • We all get different bumps in our life and those bumps helps us prepare for grief maybe a little more than others.
  • It’s unlikely that plans are to liquidate large portions of their work within a reasonably short period of time after their death or otherwise compromise future of the estate.
  • Its also been hard hearing people say what a great guy he was because he wasn’t always that “great guy” to the people that should mean the most.
  • Two years later, I was contacted by the police who told me that he had died of a drug overdose and I was listed as the next of kin as our mother had since died.

“After all, you have HIS personal information …” Also, my brother is a police Sgt. and another family member is a det. Oh my god you fools make me laugh.

What Happens When Someone Dies And Doesnt Have Family?

Seeing that money will just make me angry.. Because that’s what started this mess.. If I didn’t nag about money then he would be alive today.

I love my daughter and my friends and I intend to show more of the love I never got. I will process it and then, if there is any money left after the family home has been taken by the loan shark he sold it to…. We will at least be able to pay a few bills, the rent and possibly even not worry so much about buying good school shoes. Thanks for this article and many thanks to the people above who I resonate well with.

I am of the opinion that if an more help artist needs to explain their art then possibly the “work” is not well executed. The artist has an ability and opportunity to make their work “say” what they want whether it’s painting, a sculpture, photograph or pile of old shoes. No matter what the genre, medium or installation venue people should get it… If not, maybe it’s a failed work. It should never be the fault of the viewer.

Dying Without Family

I followed the rules and helped around the house, but I was never the child she wanted. If the car is legally yours and you do not want him to have it then you’ll need to address this at some point. Sometimes a mediator can help to navigate difficult discussions like this. You may be able to search to see if there are mediation resources in your community. Sometimes speaking with a pastor, social worker, or lawyer in your area may also be able to point you to mediation resources. For me taking care of her, giving back to her was one of the best decisions of my life, even though it was much longer than I had expected.

“Nobody is convicting Art of anything just questioning his level of sanity, crediblity and disrespect to his deceased wife.” Nobody is convicting Art of anything just questioning his level of sanity, crediblity and disrespect to his deceased wife. A number of people here change their “nic” now and then. It prevents fraudulent posts if you never use the same “nic” twice. I have lived many lives, as have we all, just don’t feel too empowered by that because you really have no choice. Life should matter to those who live it, just as my life matters to me.

He was a very generous person, and there was nothing bad about him particularly. He was bad-tempered and impatient and often embarrassingly rude to people (he called it straight-speaking!!), but he wasn’t abusive or mean or toxic. His politics led him to believe a lot of things that I found quite abhorrent, but he lived thousands of miles away for most of my adult life so it wasn’t much of a problem. My husband and I visited him last year, all paid for by him, which was fantastic, but we found his company difficult – mind you, he was suffering a lot of pain. I expected to be sad for my Mum and for my brother’s wife and son when he died, but I’m floored by how upset I am myself. It’s not like his dying is going to leave a hole in my life, as I hadn’t expected to see him more than a handful of times over the coming years anyway, he lived so far away.

I’m hoping that Art’s craving for the companionship of young fawning flesh–at WHATEVER cost–will help Art understand better what happened to his sixteen-year-old son. I agree with Chris Terry and J. Anderson’s messages; WHAT is the difference, really?

Make The Most Of Time With Loved Ones

He abused my sister and me for years and my mother looked the other way! His own sister knew and never said a word to “protect the family name.” They were her exact words 30 years ago when my sister and I questioned our relatives. We have not spoken to any of them since that time. My father’s passing is just a painful reminder to me that I will never have closure on the horrific things he did. I am not mourning his death; I am mourning his depraved life and all the people he hurt.