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If Los Angeles Bans Concerts, Sports Until 2021, Could Bay Area Be Next?

While cancelling fall sports on some campuses grabbed headlines, a developing story is the number of colleges that are discontinuing some of their athletic programs. Two of Pennsylvania’s neighboring states have delayed their scholastic sports seasons. Delaware’s high school athletic body delayed sports until December, while Maryland won’t begin its high schools sports until January. The Wolf administration said Thursday afternoon the recommendation applies to individual and team sports, as well as scrimmages and intramural sports. The recommendations do not apply to college or professional sports. Wolf is allowing school districts to make their own decisions about offering face-to-face instruction, remote learning, or some combination to start the school year.

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  • “The guidance is that we ought to avoid any congregate settings, and that means anything that brings people together is going to help that virus get us,” Wolf said.
  • Baseball, basketball and hockey have already lost part of their seasons .
  • Her hope is that even if she can’t be there live, there will be some sort of football played this Fall.
  • Golf and girls tennis can start Aug. 24, and other sports will begin Sept. 14.

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti said today on CNN that he likely will not allow any concerts or sporting events, anything where thousands of people gather, until 2021, Deadline reported. It has been 215 days since the last athletic competition in New Mexico, which is one of four states that has not played a high school athletic contest yet. The others are California, Washington state and Hawaii. This is not a viral outbreak that is killing millions. You can protest, attend large funerals… Fauci threw a pitch and sat with 2 people with his mask off, essential workers working since day one and no infections…come on. You cannot visit your loved one in a nursing home, attend a baseball game, etc.

Coronavirus Tracker: Athletes And Sports Figures Who Have Tested Positive

Ask 10 doctors a question and you’ll get 5 different answers. People have been working and playing while 100’s of different viruses affected the world since the beginning of humanity. Let’s not start now simply because of the media frenzy.

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The Summer Olympics, after a yearlong delay, geared up for Tokyo. They all acted as if having a vaccine would squash any concerns that we were rushing headlong into a burning building. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. In fact, he provided no data or justification at all. You won’t see any games, in any sport, for quite a while. I think we’ve seen just how superfluous the other sports are. >The 1918 flu pandemic diminished over the summer, then returned in the fall and lasted into 1919. The yearning among fans for sports’ reappearance collides with reality. The U.S. Tennis Association said this week that it still plans to stage the U.S.

(For college football, I limited the pool to the 48 teams that had at least a 1-in-150 chance to win the playoff.)2 I then took the average percentile rank across all champions to see how unexpected the results were in a given sports year. And yet, even as things inched back toward normal, the results on the fields, courts and ice were not as predictable in 2021 as they had been under last year’s atypical conditions. Yes, the NBA and especially NHL champs were more conventional, but overall it was a year of far less chalk for top teams across the major sports.

Earlier this week, House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff, R-Centre, and more than 60 Republican lawmakers wrote a letter to the governor asking him to allow parents of high school athletes to attend sporting events. Lawmakers cited several reasons, including the fact that taxpayers support public schools and parents can safely watch games with appropriate safeguards. The governor was asked in the final question of his news conference this morning if he had any guidance for the PIAA as to how many fans should be allowed in the stands this fall. He said anytime time people get together it’s and opportunity for the virus to spread. Governor Tom Wolf said at a press conference today that his recommendation is no high school sports be played until January 2021 amid the coronavirus pandemic. Another factor to consider with fall sports possibly moving to the spring is seniors looking to graduate early.

Where Are All The Rams Fans At?

Ennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf told reporters on Thursday his administration recommends no high school sports resume until 2021. Instead of players hanging out in the dugout or the bullpen, players would socially distance themselves from teammates and opponents by sitting spread out in the stands. All of the aforementioned leagues are currently looking into ways to play out the season and postseason. “The guidance is we ought to avoid any congregant settings, and that means, anything that brings people together is going to help that virus get us and we ought to do everything we can to defeat the virus at any time,” said Gov. Wolf.

But disease experts suggest the possibility feared most in the sports world — no major events for the rest of the year — may be more real than many believe. Get more local news delivered straight to your inbox. The concert industry and musicians would, of course, be hit hard. Even Oscar season, with its many premieres and parties, could be transformed by such a ban. Lujan-Grisham went on to talk about what the public health order has always said.

“We have some amazing scientists,” Cuban said in an e-mail. SAP’s Qualtrics, the employee management software company, polled 2,000 U.S. residents at the end of April about how comfortable they were returning to different aspects of life. Attending a concert or sporting event topped the list of “most uncomfortable,” with about 80% of respondents saying they weren’t comfortable going to a live event. Employment data suggests the entertainment, arts and recreation industry is anticipating a prolonged slowdown.