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Joo Chiat To Novena Church

A thin layer of sauce was brushed onto the chicken, bringing out all of its natural flavours. The restaurant is nicely air-conditioned, and the marble tables along with wooden chairs ooze off a classic kopitiam experience of days past. The rice was cooked all the way through and did not clump together. It was leaning towards the dry side, but also had quite a bit of oil on it that was a little too excessive for me.

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  • The porcelain-white flesh, thickly sliced chunks, and a layer of flavourful gelatinous skin is enough to make anyone a convert.
  • The Novena Church attracts devotees from all over the country and has popularised the ritual of Saturday novenas.
  • It is absolutely worth your try if you are working or living in this area.

However, the rice did well in the flavour department and came with good hints of pandan, ginger, and a balanced amount of chicken fat. It was light tasting and not overly greasy, which is great for those looking to watch their oil intake. Nowadays you’ve probably heard a lot about ModSin cuisine, though more often than not the novelty of fusion food is pretty much a thin disguise for more gimmicky quirks than actual delights. Fortunately, Uncle Kiisu in Novena Square 2 offers up an affordable yet impressive plethora of dishes that seeks to please all sorts of foodies. The buttermilk sauce was slightly spicy with the chilli and the curry leaves for added flavour.

However, dining at their flagshop store at East Coast Road evokes certain nostalgic feeling that you can’t get here at the Thomson branch. Still, I’d recommend this for a quick lunch fix-especially on a rainy day. Once Upon a Thyme first started out at Golden Mile Food Centre and has now shifted to the basement of Novena Square 2, just around the corner from Novena MRT gantry. The people behind this takeaway counter believes in honest and wholesome food made from the heart just for you. If you had watched Jiro’s Dream of Sushi, you would have known the importance of perfect rice. I can’t really say that Tomi is serving Jiro-level kind of rice but Koshihikari rice is good enough for me-for now.

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The view of the garden from the interior adds serenity to the overall dining experience. Tomi Sushi offers good value set lunches – prices range from S$20 onwards. It is absolutely worth your try if you are working or living in this area. Just short of a few MRT stations away from Orchard is Novena / Thomson Road – a quieter district that has her own charm and offerings. Unlike the bustling Orchard Road, Novena is an area of residential and commercial services more on the outskirts of town.

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Its flavours are uncomplicated, its prices are reasonable and most importantly, the quality of any chicken rice stall in Singapore is always consistently high. While both the rice and chicken were a little lacklustre, the chilli saved the day. This was the best chilli on the list and took the otherwise mundane chicken rice dish up a notch. It was close to watery, but also came with chunks of minced garlic and chilli that balanced everything out.

However, the chicken’s texture was a big let down and we found it difficult to give a high score. While waiting for my chicken rice, I realised that the chicken breasts were already carved out from the chicken for efficiency purposes. All the chef had to do was to slice them into bite-sized bits upon order. A blend of savoury soya sauce and nutty sesame oil is drizzled tableside, and they did well in complementing the expertly cooked chicken. Its doneness was close to perfection, and there weren’t any overly fibrous bits. My dining companion and I were huge fans of how the chicken was prepared.

The chilli was more on the sweet side and didn’t provide anything else in the flavour department. It overpowered the chicken, and didn’t come together as a unit. Loved the tender chicken with the right amount of skin, fat, and meat. If you’re looking to hide from the hustle and bustle of the city, then allow La Ristrettos to be your safe haven. Hidden in the most obscure area in Novena, within a maze of private clinics, this humble cafe serves up hearty Melbourne-style brunch items as well as top-notch coffee.

The chicken was sliced a little chunkier as compared to Tian Tian. The chicken was cooked quite well, and while it wasn’t to the point that it was oozing out juices, it was enough to warrant a respectable score. Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice might not offer delivery services, but they are still open for takeaways.

Must Try Places To Eat In Novena And Thomson Road

The chicken breast was sliced into long diagonal strips that looked just like chicken fingers. They were noticeably leaner as well, remaining juicy and packing an intensely deep flavour. The chicken sits on a pool of sweet soy sauce which complemented it. The rice came in quite a small serving and there were neither soup nor spring onions. They have every reason to be because the rice is the best we’ve come across.

Ming Kee Chicken Rice

Adjacent to Novena Square’s Office Tower is a sports-themed mall called Novena Velocity. Shops located in the Novena area include Starbucks , Cold Storage, Decathlon and the newly opened Don Don Donki at Square 2, a Japanese Discount Store. Novena has seen major improvements in terms of new shops opening in the area since Square 2 and Velocity commenced business in recent years. In terms of flavour, it’s fried with plenty of chicken fat that provided loads of lush oily flavours. There’s also a pronounced hint of aromatics such as ginger and onion in the rice that nicely balances everything out. However, it was a little too wet and clumpy, resulting in it being a little too sticky.