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List Of Animal Names

A striking fact about the male is his long, showy tail that can be opened into a fan. A scant population of Dingoes is present in the regions near South Australia and the Northern Territory and in the eastern half of Western Australia. On an average, it weighs between 13 to 20 kg , and is between 20 to 24 inches tall. It has a yellow to red coat, but rare black or white dingoes are also found.

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  • Definitely in my top five favorite animals that start with n!
  • The feathers of the magpie are black and white, and its most distinctive feature is the eyes, which are golden-chestnut in color.
  • After animals are slaughtered for meat, the leftovers are put through a rendering process and some of that material, particularly the fat, is used in toiletries.
  • They are ground-nesting bird species similar to dotterels and plovers.
  • Belonging to animals that start with L, this species begins with L on pretty much every part of their name.

To make it clear, ladybugs are not female bugs, but they got their names from European farmers who prayed to the Virgin Mary to help their crops against invasive insects. While lions and leopards spring to mind when thinking of animals that start with L, can you come up with North American animals? If not, we have you covered with this list of 20 species.

Birds Names Starting With J

At present, their population has surpassed a thousand, although they are still considered a critically endangered species. The Black Rhino is one of the species of African animals that are critically endangered. The letter J is one of the most popular letters in the English alphabet, so it’s no surprise that there are so many animal names starting with J. There were a lot of names on our list, so we hope you aren’t too overwhelmed.

Animals Starting With The Letter M

Lilac-breasted rollers are one of the 12 roller bird species. Lilac-breasted rollers are a Sub-Saharan bird species spread across eastern and southern African drylands. Fun fact, it’s Kenya’s national bird and is called ‘Kambu’ in Swahili. These are native to low and high-altitude rainforests of Central and South America.

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Besides feeding on nectar, they also eat spiders and small insects. I am Eddie, animal journalist and founder of ThePetSavvy. I am passionate about exotic pets and I dedicate my time doing research, meeting, and interviewing people working with animals. The loon is a type of bird that is found in freshwater habitats in North America.

Though we think that we are too advanced in our vocabulary, when it comes to thinking about the animals that start from L, our brains usually shut down. The long-eared owl is one of the animals with the medium size with yellowish brown feathers and some spots all over the body. Although the bird is named that way, it actually doesn’t really have any long tail. The so-called ears are the feather tassels right on the sides of the head.

This animal can grow more than 3 meters in length and weigh more than a thousand pounds. It is a very docile creature that was extensively hunted for its meat, oil, skin and bones, but it is now a protected species. Of the three species of bottlenose dolphin, two are found in Australia. The Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin is found in northern Australia, whereas the Burrunan dolphin is found in Victoria.

They’re found in the tropical forests of south-east and south Asia, including India and Sri Lanka. The slow loris is among the top 25 most endangered primates today. They are a bird species found in areas of North America.