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Worlds 10 Best west end riding club Via Ferrata Routes

Next to Lake Powell, this desert oasis has seven guided VF tours. You’ll have to be a guest at the resort to access them, but it’s worth it. You ALWAYS cross bridges, ropes, logs and the like alone.

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We’d recommend looking it up beforehand and the weather you’d normally expect. For example, a dry rock route in summer might be fine in hiking shoes. But a route in the high mountains, covered in snow and ice, would be best done in winter mountain boots. Some via ferrata are closer cousins to canyoning, climbing the sides of waterfalls or river gorges, so footwear that’s grippy on wet rock is essential.

  • It leads from the Östliche Sattelspitze to the Frau-Hitt-Sattel.
  • They involve numerous, sometimes creative challenges such as overhanging ladders, wobbly suspension bridges, or ropes for balancing over a gorge.
  • It is not uncommon for thunderstorms to include snow or hail fall.
  • It is not worth risking your life trying to bodge a kit together – the karabiners must be K rated CE certified carabiners, the absorber is specifically designed to withstand high impact forces.
  • This and similar via ferratas are generally listed in the climbing guides as ‘historical via ferratas’.

The lanyard is basically two karabiners on the end of stretchy leashes, attached together in a Y shape. You west end riding club clip the karabiners onto the metal wire as you go. The other end of the lanyard contains a shock absorber, just in case you fall, and is attached to your harness. Via ferrata is a mountain activity somewhere between scrambling and rock climbing.


In the western part , a few have similar wartime origins to those in the Dolomites, all the rest being in disrepair or of later construction. Routes have evolved as protection has been added to trails in the “very difficult” category – difficulty tends to be more variable and protection tends to be less continuous than purpose built via ferrata elsewhere. Notable routes are the routes up Triglav from the Vrata valley , the Kopiščar “through the window” route up Prisank and the Slovenian way up Mangart. There is a via ferrata Tysso in Tyssedal, starting at the Norwegian Museum of Hydro Power and Industry and climbing along the very steep hydropower pipeline. Kyrkjeveggen (“the church wall”) is situated in Fjæra in the fjord of Åkrafjorden.

They are equipped with steel cables, pins and rungs that allow for an easier and fun ascent. These via ferratas require the use of safety equipment. Extreme via ferratas are similar to the sports ones, but are fixed over more challenging sections, such as overhangs. In addition to steel cables, you will encounter cable bridges crossing ravines and ladders on very crumbling and smooth rock walls. Located in a private climbing area in Utah, the Mount Ogden route is open for guided tours only and has a training wall, so it’s perfect for beginners. You’ll climb up the sheer rock faces of Waterfall Canyon and be treated to views of its 200-foot cascade, Antelope Island, Great Salt Lake, and surrounding ski country.

Other Equipment

Using a harness, stairs and metal stairs you can climb 400m of incline to the 360-degree panoramic viewpoint. Located at the head of Honister Pass in the centre of the Lake District, Honister Slate Mine offers a range of indoor and outdoor adventures for a range of ages and abilities. Honister is also the last working slate mine in England and home to the iconic Westmorland Green Slate.

Experience Winter In A Picturesque Mountain Village

Just like us adults, little adventurers also need the right equipment. Cell phones and cameras are not permitted for use during your climbing experience but may be secured in your backpack. You must use safety equipment provided by Mammoth Mountain. Family can purchase a Scenic Gondola Ride ticket to go observe from the hiking trail below the cliff. Family may not pass the guide access closure, and may not stage at the top of the cliff, as they could inadvertently dislodge hazards causing injury or death to those below.

Cancellation later than 15 days before activity, and earlier than 4 days before activity, we refund you 50 %. Cancellation earlier than 15 days before activity, we refund you 90 %. For experienced via ferrata climbers it is possible to rent via ferrata equipment in the Loen Active shop. Join the experienced instructors from Loen Active in the Via Ferrata Loen, cross the Gjølmunna gorge on two zip lines and return to fjord level with Loen Skylift. To do the Via Ferrata Loen you must be in normal physical shape, and you need via ferrata harness and helmet.

Challenging but not difficult, climb a 300-meters wall alongside the Radime Waterfall with a beautiful and fun route, enriched by a bold Tibetan Bridge. One of the most spirited and most spicy routes, on the massive mountain local to the town of Gruyères. It is a surprisingly logical North Wall route with perfect safety – à la française- and a few vertical and overhanging sections. There are also repeated sections of soil and grass, making the Voie Hohl more suited to the high summer.

Awesome Via Ferrata Routes In Switzerland

This is one of the more affordable via ferratas to explore, too. And, the day pass includes gear rental if you don’t have your own. You’ll climb 400 feet of red rock through the southern Utah desert, taking in views of Lake Powell, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and Navajo Mountain from the top.